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Sauve Qui Peut (La Vie)

Sauve Qui Peut (La Vie)

Sauve Qui Peut (La Vie)

1980 / 87min / 35mm



"I drove her to the beach that day. It was a weekday and not yet summer so things were splendidly deserted. Beach bums in rags slept on the lawns above the sand. Others sat on stone benches sharing a lone bottle. The gulls whirled about, mindless yet distracted. Old ladies in their 70’s and 80’s sat on the benches and discussed selling real estate left behind by husbands long ago killed by the pace and stupidity of survival. For it all, there was peace in the air and we walked about and stretched on the lawns and didn’t say much. It simply felt good being together. I bought a couple of sandwiches, some chips and drinks and we sat on the sand eating. Then I held Cass and we slept together about an hour. It was somehow better than lovemaking. There was flowing together without tension. When we awakened we drove back to my place and I cooked a dinner. After dinner I suggested to Cass that we shack together. She waited a long time, looking at me, then she slowly said, 'No.'" - Charles Bukowski, The Most Beautiful Woman in Town

Sauve Qui Peut is screening as part of Metrograph A to Z, a collection of films we think everybody should see.