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Eli Reed in Person

Eli Reed in Person

Eli Reed in Person

1992 / 1989 / 73min / Digital


Eli Reed in person.

Getting Out (Eli Reed, 1992, Digital, 13 minutes)
America's Children, Poorest in the Land of Plenty (Scott Fraser, 1989, Digital, 60 minutes)

A short verite portrait of gang members on Detroit’s mean streets and at home, Getting Out is filmed by Reed with rare compassion and intimacy. Reed’s photographs frame and illustrate America’s Children, narrated by Maya Angelou.

The career of Eli Reed, with remarkable breadth of location and culture, represents one of the most significant photographic visions of the human condition to be compiled by one photographer. Across the United States and in conflict regions around the world, captured in an incomparable portfolio of work, Reed documents struggle, tragedy and resilience. His special reports include a long-term study on Beirut (1983-87), the ousting of Baby Doc Duvalier in Haiti (1986), US military action in Panama (1989), the Walled City in Hong Kong and, perhaps most notably, his documentation of the African-American experience over more than twenty years. Spanning the 1970s through the end of the 1990s, his book Black in America includes images from the Crown Heights riots and the Million Man March, as well as a focus, on sets and in studio portraiture, on many of the most iconic figures in film. In 2015, Reed published an award-winning retrospective, Eli Reed: A Long Walk Home, which included an introduction by Paul Theroux.

Eli Reed in Person is a screening as part of the series Magnum Photos at 70. Click here for more info.