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2019 / 82min / DCP


Seth Price in person for the 7pm screening on Friday 9/13, & at the 3pm screening on Satruday 9/14.

A reflexive work on art and interpretation, Seth Price’s Redistribution began as a 2007 lecture-performance at the Guggenheim. His skepticism toward fixed meaning led him to consider the concept of the artist’s lecture: what happens when the artist’s commentary, as seen in documentaries and museum education programming, is brought into the exhibition itself? In Redistribution, Price largely restricts his comments to matters of process and avoids discussing meaning. Filming staged additions and incorporating tangential inserts, Price has continued to alter the documentation of the lecture. Over time, the video has been presented in eight distinct versions; the current, wildly heterogeneous and nonlinear iteration includes investigations into early cinema; digitally-animated, endlessly-blossoming flowers and flying pencils; a feature on Price’s 2012 fashion show at the art exhibition Documenta; ghost stories; and more.

Additional Showtimes Coming Soon