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The Irish Tapes + The Black and the Green

The Irish Tapes + The Black and the Green

The Irish Tapes + The Black and the Green

Various / 87min / 16mm


Introduction by Rev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry, member of the coalition that visited Northern Ireland in the film, and National Presiding Minister, The House of the Lord Churches, Brooklyn

The Irish Tapes is the first major documentary shot on portable 1/2 inch videotape. Irish-American directors Reilly and Moore filmed in Northern Ireland over three years at the height of the conflict in the early 1970s, with support from the National Association for Irish Freedom, a US group associated with the Official IRA. Originally shown as a three-channel, twelve-monitor video installation, it was later edited for broadcast on television in the US in 1975.

The prolific New York documentarian St. Clair Bourne complemented his career-long focus on African American culture with The Black and the Green, a unique chronicle of a fact-finding trip to Belfast made by five Black civil rights activists. While most of the filmmakers in this program do not explicitly reflect their position as outsiders, Bourne makes this his subject, documenting exchanges between the visitors and their militant nationalist hosts as they explore the commonalities of their respective struggles, as well as the differences; most pivotally, their position on armed resistance.

Screening in the series Northern Ireland: Battle of Images.