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The Image You Missed

The Image You Missed

The Image You Missed

2018 / 73min / DCP


Director Dónal Foreman will be in attendance for a Q&A at the 7 & 9:30pm showtimes on 5/31 and 6:15pm on 6/2.

Years after documentarian Arthur MacCaig (1948-2008), best known for The Patriot Game, shot his last footage amidst the blood and heat of the Northern Irish Troubles, his son, filmmaker Dónal Foreman, sifts through thirty years’ worth of footage left behind by his estranged parent, endeavoring to discover in these never-before-seen images both an anti-colonial, socialist history of the conflict and the traces of his father left behind. An encounter across the divide of generations between two émigré political filmmakers with very different backgrounds and convictions—the New Jersey-born Irish-American MacCaig, who plunged into the fray in Belfast; the Irish Foreman, who drifted from peaceful Dublin to Occupy-era New York City—which goes straight to the heart of Irish identity, artistic and familial bonds, and the political potency of the moving image.

Emerging out of Foreman’s research for The Image You Missed, Northern Ireland: Battle of Images is a program of rarely seen films that use alternative formal approaches to explore the thirty-year conflict in Northern Ireland known as “the Troubles.”