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Routine Pleasures + Negative Space

Routine Pleasures + Negative Space

Routine Pleasures + Negative Space

1986 / 120min / Digital


Screening introduced by Michael Almereyda, Luc Sante, and Gina Telaroli

ROUTINE PLEASURES Jean-Pierre Gorin / 1986 / 81 mins / Digital

Christopher Petit / 2000 / 39 mins / Digital

Although perhaps viewed principally as a film critic, and often as America’s preeminent film critic and critical prose stylist, Farber was for nearly all his life a serious working artist who in the late 1970s stopped writing criticism to concentrate on painting, as well as on his teaching of art and film at UC San Diego. Edited by film director Michael Almereyda, novelist Jonathan Lethem, and poet/ biographer Robert Polito, and featuring additional contributions from writers, artists, and film makers as various as Durga Chew-Bose, Luc Sante, Jean-Pierre Gorin, Alice Waters, Olivier Assayas, and Farber’s wife and frequent collaborator Patricia Patterson, among others, Manny Farber: Paintings and Writings (Hat & Beard Press) is the first catalog to engage his abundant accomplishments as an artist, writer, and teacher. In celebration of the launch of this vital, essential book, Metrograph screens two portraits of the artist as idiosyncratic and unexpected as their subject.