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Journeys with George

Journeys with George

Journeys with George

2002 / 90min / Digital


Screening introduced by Leon Neyfakh

Filmed on a handheld camera during the 2000 election, this idiosyncratic travelogue of life on the campaign trail with a boyish George W. Bush provides a keyhole view onto the art of political journalism and electioneering. Alexandra Pelosi, the youngest daughter of now-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, was a young reporter at NBC News when she collected this footage. When the film was released in 2002, Pelosi said it captured Bush as a “seducer” whose light touch with the press corps earned him friendly coverage during the race. Calling it a “period piece” and a "Rorschach test," Pelosi said her true subject wasn’t just George W. Bush, but the symbiotic relationship between all candidates and the writers who cover them.

Screening in Leon Neyfakh's Dream Double Feature.