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The Lovers on the Bridge

The Lovers on the Bridge

The Lovers on the Bridge

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1991 / 125min / 35mm



Screening introduced by Sandi Tan on Tuesday, October 30

"Once upon a time, while attending an insipid, unromantic and spiritually-flaccid college in Southeast England, I made pilgrimages to London on weekends to worship at second-run art houses. This film saved my life. I must have seen it fifteen times. I became obsessed with its explosion of energy, invention, romance—I mean, Carax's absolute freedom in story and movement. Isn't this one of the wildest, most giddily ecstatic scenes ever filmed? And now, seeing how young Juliette Binoche and Denis Lavant were, just a blink of an eye ago, breaks your heart in the best way. (Oh, time.) It's a travesty that this film is so hard to see in the US, as if its magical power would be damaging if shared too often. But dammit, we need to be burned! We need to be seared!!"—Sandi Tan

Print courtesy Institut Français