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From the Other Side

From the Other Side

From the Other Side

2002 / 110min / DCP


Jonathan Miller, president of Icarus Films, in person.

Still further proof of Akerman’s political prescience, From the Other Side identifies the U.S.-Mexico border as a fault line poised to tear a rift in national political discourse, finding a microcosm of the macro story in the perilous desert crossing that divides Agua Prieta, Sonora from Douglas, Arizona. A simple story told through arid landscapes and human faces that speak volumes. “In a few deft interviews [the film] shows the hypocrisy and paranoia involved in U.S. immigration policy and its failure to acknowledge the economic dependence of the U.S. on undocumented laborers.”—Amy Taubin

Screening in the series Icarus Films at 40.