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Some Call It Loving (Z Channel Presents)

Some Call It Loving (Z Channel Presents)

Some Call It Loving (Z Channel Presents)

1973 / 105min / DCP



Harris, Stanley Kubrick’s former producing partner, seemed to predict his old friend’s Eyes Wide Shut with this eerie, sui generis study in male sexual obsession and the journey from fantasy to disillusionment, a fractured fairy tale of a movie that proceeds at a sleepwalker’s pace, begun when jazzbo playboy Zalman King brings home a new companion from a carnival sideshow. (The only performer who doesn’t seem to be under hypnosis here is Richard Pryor, in a gonzo supporting turn.)

Original Z Channel Notes:

"Some Call It Loving, based on John Collier’s short story, 'Sleeping Beauty,' is an extremely romantic, stylized fairy tale that explores 'non-conventional' emotional and sexual behavior. As Hollis Albert put it in The Saturday Review, 'Some Call It Loving... has some of the most elegant eroticism yet seen on the screen.'

The premise is simple. A man (Zalman King) buys a 'sleeping beauty' from a circus. He plans to turn the sheltered, inexperienced girl into his fantasy woman when she wakes up. Our hero is not like ordinary men. He actually lives out his fantasies, with the help of his friend (Carol White). The fantasies in the movie are childish, elaborate, interesting, shocking and revealing, and as predictable and unexpected as fantasies can be.

King’s best friend is a terminally ill man (Richard Pryor in an off-beat and moving role) and Tisa Farrow (Fingers) is the sleeping beauty.

Some Call It Loving is disturbing. Its exploration of psychic fantasy and sexual love make it, at times, hard to follow on a linear level. This movie works on the emotions and the intellect. That’s probably why it has had a limited exposure. You have to work with this movie to appreciate it."

Some Call It Loving is rated 'R.' Because of its subject matter, we do not recommend it for everyone. Some will hate this film. Some will find it blasphemous and self-indulgent. Some will love it. In any case, it’s a one-of-a-kind film."