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Ici Et Ailleurs + Godard in America

Ici Et Ailleurs + Godard in America

Ici Et Ailleurs + Godard in America

1976 / 100min / 16mm



The material that finally surfaced as Ici et ailleurs originated as a document of the Palestinian independence movement financed by the Arab League with the working title Until Victory, shelved after many of its subjects were killed in Black September by the Jordanian army. Years later, Godard and Miéville returned to the footage to produce this interrogation of the cinematic representation of political violence and the walls that exist between “here” and “elsewhere.”

(The 7/19 screening will be DCP, Saturday 7/21 will be 16mm)

Screening with:

Godard in America
Ralph Thanhauser / 1970 / 45 Mins / DCP

CAST: Jean-Luc Godard, Andrew Sarris

Godard and Gorin tour the restless campuses of America with 1969’s brazenly provocative and propagandistic British Sounds, fundraising along the way for money to complete an ultimately unfinished film on the Palestinian Al Fatah movement. Thanhauser, a Harvard student, finds the visiting Frenchmen in full flourish of radical rhetorical brilliance and high-handed snottiness, while capturing the crackling intellectual energy of the moment and Godard’s rock star draw—utilized, ironically, to finance the anti-auteurist activities of the Dziga Vertov Group.

Screening as a part of our Dziga Vertov Group series.