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The GoodTimesKid + Cherries

The GoodTimesKid + Cherries

The GoodTimesKid + Cherries

2006 / 103min / 35mm



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“A story about stolen love and stolen identities, literally shot on stolen film. A Full Length Sync Sound Film for 2006.” Azazel Jacobs’ second feature is a droll, visually sumptuous, deadpan-comic slice of life lifted from Echo Park, Los Angeles. Diaz cohabits with her boyfriend, Rodolfo (Jacobs), their domestic routine complicated when another man with the same name (Gerardo Naranjo, director of Miss Bala and Voy a explotar) appears on the scene, and a letter demanding that one of the Rudolfos report for military induction. The GoodTimesKid immediately announced Jacobs as a major young filmmaker, and was the first collaboration between real-life husband and wife Azazel and Diaz Jacobs. “Mr. Jacobs’ approach is descended from a long line of minimalist filmmakers, from Jacques Tati up through Jim Jarmusch... It doesn’t get to the point because getting there is the point.”—The New York Times.

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2018 / 26min / DCP
Director: Diaz Jacobs

Diaz’ short film, which premiered in Sundance earlier this year, is both a stand alone work, and the pilot for a developing series. With Shannon Plumb (director of Towheads), Diaz has found the perfect performer for her own idiosyncratic work. While sharing a love for Tati and Buñuel, the Jacobses make individual work perfectly in synch, yet uniquely their own.