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1968 / 64min / 16mm


Screening with:
Jacques Monory / 1968 / 4 mins / 16mm

An open-ended, unsigned collective work, assembled from footage shot on the spot in ’68-era student assemblies and poster-making workshops as well as a dizzying variety of other sources, UUU (Usines, Universities, Unions) uses the power of thrilling montage to convey the renegade energy of the day. “This film is a faithful reflection of the spirit that animated us,” reads a signed statement by the collective, who opted to leave their work, like the revolution, teasingly unfinished. Screening with UUU, a very special, essentially unknown work and rediscovery, unusual for the great painter Monory, Ex is a kinetic montage filled with the spirit of ’68 and references to American avant-garde film of the time.

Prints of UUU and EX courtesy of the Institut Français, thanks to the Cultural Services of the French Embassy

UUU is screening as part of the May '68: The Struggle Continues series.