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The Intruder With Roger Corman

The Intruder With Roger Corman

The Intruder With Roger Corman

1962 / 84min / 35mm


Introduction and Q&A with Roger Corman, moderated by film critic Joe Neumaier, on Thursday, May 3rd at the 7pm screening.

Corman’s favorite of his own films is something very different from his usual genre works, a serious, still-vital drama about anti-black animus in America during the final years of Jim Crow, shot on location in rural Missouri and starring a pre-Star Trek William Shatner as a racist provocateur who arrives unbidden in a small southern town and proceeds to stir up sentiment against school segregation. A fearless renegade production, keenly insightful into the psychology of hate. Preceded by a trailer show including Attack of the Crab Monsters, Big Bad Mama, Grand Theft Auto, and The Student Nurses.

The Intruder is screening as part of The Academy At Metrograph series.