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The Exploding Digital Inevitable

The Exploding Digital Inevitable

The Exploding Digital Inevitable

2017 / 49min / DCP


Screening with
1976 / 36 mins / 35mm
Director: Bruce Conner

Integrating live narration with an array of movie and audio clips, still photographs, and rare archival documents, The Exploding Digital Inevitable, a live essay by noted filmmaker/archivist Ross Lipman, tells the riveting story of Bruce Conner’s Crossroads’ unique production, while simultaneously deconstructing the massive cultural spectacle of the original Bikini Atoll tests themselves—the single most recorded event in human history. Along the way it chronicles Conner’s brilliant collaboration with composer Terry Riley and synthesizer pioneer Patrick Gleeson, including original interviews with both composers. A look at the Atomic Era as only one incarnation of the human race’s ongoing mad journey to destruction, a journey that apparently continues through the present moment.

Total runtime 85 mins

Photo: Bruce Conner, Bombhead, 1989. Courtesy Conner Family Trust.