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Gary Oldman Double Feature

Gary Oldman Double Feature

Gary Oldman Double Feature

2017 / 2011 / 277min / DCP


Gary Oldman in person for a Q&A moderated by Alison Bailes between the two films.

Beginning with his first screen-stealing starring film appearance as impetuous, unstable skinhead Coxy in Mike Leigh’s Meantime, London native Gary Oldman has constantly brought an unmatched fiery talent to the screen. Now the onetime Sid Vicious of Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy is gaining deserved plaudits for playing a very different British icon in Darkest Hour—Winston Churchill, in the catastrophic early days of his first stint as Prime Minister. Oldman will honor the Metrograph by presenting a screening of the film containing this latest powerhouse performance, along with another favorite of recent years, that magnificent piece of spy skullduggery Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.

Tickets On Sale January 11