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Sucksdorff Shorts Program

Sucksdorff Shorts Program

Sucksdorff Shorts Program

Various / 70min / DCP


A program of Sucksdorff’s early short works anchored by Symphony of a City, a 1949 Academy Award winner set in his native Stockholm, which opens with seagull-eye views of the city, then descends into the noise and bustle of daytime traffic, in a kaleidoscopic tour of the Scandanavian metropolis.

Adventures of a Baby Fox (1955, 16mm, 13 min)
The Bear and the Hunter (1955, 16mm, 11 min)
The Hunter and the Forest: a Story without Words (1944, 16mm, 8 min) A Tale of the Fjords (16mm, 12 min)

A Divided World (1948, 16mm, 8 min)
The Wind and the River (1952, 16mm, 10 min)Symphony of a City (1947, DCP, 18 min)