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Two By Stanya Kahn

Two By Stanya Kahn

Two By Stanya Kahn

2009 / 71min / Digital


Stanya Kahn / 2009 / 31 min / Digital

Stanya Kahn / 2009 / 40 min / Digital

Unusual entries in Stanya Kahn’s filmography, in Kathy and Sandra the artist presents deceptively simple portraits of two of the most important women in her life: her best friend of 20 years and her mother, respectively. Shot in domestic spaces and with the intimacy that only comes with decades of shared history, Kahn talks with Kathy about her recent, complicated c-section and with Sandra on her end of life wishes. Kahn’s love and respect for her subjects, and their ease in front of her camera, bring the viewer into their well-worn dynamic, where a conversation about pain management segues seamlessly into hysterics over a family member’s narcissism and back again.