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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent Until Proven Guilty

1999 / 65min / Digital



"St. Clair was a man who wore his great accomplishments lightly. He laughed easily, spoke directly and enjoyed people with a huge relish. When the head of the Public Defender Service in DC decided that she no longer wanted to let cameras into the building, St. changed her mind, on behalf of the film. I hadn't realized until I heard him argue for the film how far out on a limb he was willing to go in his hope and determination that a young white person like me might actually come to respect the struggles of his lifetime and what he knew were the struggles to come."—Kirsten Johnson

A critical look at the criminal justice system which traces the first year of an alternative high school for juvenile ex-offenders, co-founded by James Forman Jr. (author of this year’s Locking Up Our Own). Of Executive Producer Bourne, Johnson writes “ his fierce commitment to exposing the mechanisms and destructive powers of racism he remained ever warm as he challenged my young white self to face and struggle with the ways racism lives in images as well as systems.”