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Interviews with crucial film-world figures
May 28 Gardener’s Question Time: An Interview with Derek Jarman
Ahead of the forthcoming Metrograph run of Derek Jarman’s little-seen masterpiece The Garden, playing in a stunning new 4K restoration, we uncovered a rare interview with Derek Jarman in the movie’s original press materials. Jarman made The Garden on the grounds of his seaside cottage in Dungeness, Kent, where he moved shortly after his diagnosis with HIV, which took his life in 1994.
May 28 Diamantino directors Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt on Ernst Lubitsch and Ronaldo
How does one describe Diamantino, the jarring new comedy from first-time feature directors Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt? It’s a surrealist farce about the refugee crisis, mass media, the forces dissolving the European Union, contemporary gender politics, Cristiano Ronaldo, the greed of the one percent, the tech industry, the Catholic Church… You name it, Diamantino has something to say about it. That’s not true for the title character, a childlike soccer superstar whose narration reveals an innate goodness and generosity, even though his extreme naïveté obscures his understanding of his own power. Metrograph talked to the directors about the film, their influences, and the ego of Cristiano Ronaldo.
May 22 Q&A at Metrograph: Matt Wolf and Marcus Lindeen on "The Raft"
Metrograph Pictures is excited to present Marcus Lindeen’s new feature documentary, The Raft, which took home the top prize at CPH:DOX and is making its North American theatrical debut at Metrograph on June 7, 2019.
May 14 The Metrograph Interview: Ryusuke Hamaguchi
With Asako I & II opening at Metrograph on May 17 after a corresponding retrospective of his earlier films, Ryusuke Hamaguchi spoke to us about his ambitious new project and what he learned from his former teacher Kiyoshi Kurosawa.
May 8 In Conversation: Dorothy Butler Gilliam and Leah Gilliam on "King: A Filmed Record... From Montgomery to Memphis"
Dorothy Butler Gilliam, the first female African-American reporter at The Washington Post, will introduce a rare presentation of the classic documentary King: A Filmed Record From Montgomery to Memphis on Saturday, May11. Ahead of Gilliam’s visit, which will be followed by a book signing in the Metrograph Book Store, we asked her daughter, the filmmaker and media artist Leah Gilliam, to interview her mother.
May 8 The Metrograph Interview: Abel Ferrara
Pasolini, the new feature film from Abel Ferrara, will make its long-awaited North American theatrical debut this week at Metrograph. That means the legendary, controversial director of Ms. 45 and Bad Lieutenant is back in New York, where Ferrara built his reputation as an irascible downtown provocateur.
May 2 A Conversation with "Hyenas Assistant" Director Moussa Sene Absa
Artists from across Senegal’s film industry came together to get Hyenas across the finish line. One notable participant was Mambéty’s close friend Moussa Sene Absa, the filmmaker and visual artist who served as assistant director. He spoke with us about Mambéty and the making of Hyenas from his home outside Dakar.
April 25 The Hyena's Last Laugh: A Conversation with Djibril Diop Mambéty
"When children ask me, 'How does one make a film?' I always say that you have to have freedom to make a film, and to have freedom, you need confidence. I tell them to close their eyes, to look at the stars, and look into their hearts, and then to open their eyes and see if the film they want to make is there, in front of their eyes."
April 2 Carolee Schneemann in Conversation with Marielle Nitoslawska and Andrew Lampert, December 9, 2017
Following a screening of Marielle Nitoslawska's portrait of the artist, Breaking the Frame, Carolee Schneemann spoke with Nitoslawska and Andrew Lampert about her life and groundbreaking career.
April 1 Barbara Hammer in Conversation with Carmel Curtis, December 17, 2017
A conversation between pioneering experimental filmmaker and artist Barbara Hammer and curator Carmel Curtis, following a program of Hammer's shorts.