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Interviews with crucial film-world figures
November 15 The Metrograph Interview: Todd Haynes
"Maybe what people connect, in all my work, is that there's an emotional component that cracks through—even though the most austere intellectual experiments in narrative form. I think people found themselves surprised by their emotional connection to them, given the sort of ways I might obstruct easy access to character."
October 23 The Metrograph Oral History: Downtown 81
We brought together some of the film’s surviving talent to figure out, for the first time, how the project fell apart and came back together, and why it stands the test of time.
October 10 Roundtable: Blake Edwards
Movies by Blake Edwards command the attention of a devoted following, and we asked three of our favorite critics to discuss Metrograph’s upcoming retrospective, which was programmed by Julie Andrews herself.
September 16 The Metrograph Interview: James Gray
James Gray has more than his share of experience with the pitfalls of Hollywood filmmaking.
August 28 Roundtable: Eric Rohmer’s "Le Rayon Vert"
Some of our favorite critics chew the fat about their favorite summer movie, Le Rayon Vert.
August 13 The Interview: Joanna Hogg
Metrograph is bringing The Souvenir to its screens for a revival run beginning August 16th – along with High Life, another A24 release you may have missed earlier this year. Hogg spoke to us from London, just days after wrapping production on The Souvenir Part II.
July 23 The Interview: Joan Tewkesbury
With wild, Altmanesque tonal shifts and an unsettling intimacy unmatched by Joan Tewkesbury’s peers, Old Boyfriends is ripe for rediscovery and could change the way we think about the New Hollywood years. Metrograph will host the theatrical release of a brand new 35mm restoration from Rialto Pictures.
July 8 The Interview: Marie Losier
To hear Marie Losier tell it, she fell into filmmaking entirely by accident and has been working almost completely alone for the last 20 years.
June 17 When Love Goes Wrong
A Bigger Splash is a remarkable film for many reasons. Jack Hazan, the director of the film, talks to Geoffrey Ryman about it.
June 4 The Metrograph Interview: Marcus Lindeen
Swedish filmmaker Marcus Lindeen is a new name for American audiences, but his latest documentary The Raft will change that. Metrograph sat down with him before the June 7 opening.