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Personal essays on the experience of cinema
March 14 A Note To Our Guests
As COVID-19 spreads and the safety concerns around large group gatherings increases, we will say what we never thought is possible - we will stop screenings at 7 Ludlow Street for the time being.
March 9 Ulrike Ottinger in Six Contradictions
From the first frame, Ottinger’s movies just feel different: more alive, more joyful, more willing to dive blindly into contradictions or to push two disjointed obsessions to a point of conflict.
March 5 The Future of the Past: On Fruit Chan and Made In Hong Kong
In one of the iconic scenes in Made in Hong Kong, Autumn Moon, the film’s teenage protagonist, hops on the desk, points the gun at the triad boss from above and says: “You said kids rule these days. Now I will show you how kids rule!” Then he fires shots in revenge for his dead friend. The triad boss is executed.
February 28 There Is No John Galt: On Snowpiercer and Himizu
"Having inextricably linked the realities of climate change with class struggle, Bong makes it clear that tragedy and death befall the lower classes regardless of whether the rebellion is won or lost, because the system, dependent on class divide, is engineered to kill the most vulnerable and disenfranchised first."
February 27 Ghosts of our Children's Future: On AI and Interstellar
"Their lots in life, already threatened by the climate crisis, are made all the more perilous by the loss of some guiding presence. They go searching."
February 25 An End and a Beginning: Fruit Chan’s Made in Hong Kong
"While the film’s nihilism could be decried – especially today, when the question of hope has become a vital part of facing the unraveling of the world – Made in Hong Kong remains a deeply affecting work."
February 21 To Go On Living: On Red Desert and Melancholia
"The end of everything is not a tragedy, but an aesthetic opportunity."
February 20 Where God Lives: First Reformed, Bresson, and Transcendental Style
"As Toller prepares for his decisive martyrdom or self-mortification, words and melody fall subtly out of sync with one another. Schrader compromises the Bressonian unity of time and space by crosscutting: time out of joint, in a world without winter."
February 7 The Eternal Skies of Makoto Shinkai
"Everyone has their Makoto Shinkai moment. In mine, I am sixteen—like all of Shinkai’s protagonists—with a boy I like, and we’re running down the streets of Shinjuku, caught in a sudden rain. We’re running because I need to catch the last train out."
February 5 A (Film) Lover's Discourse: On The Age of Innocence
Before I went to see Dead Man, I saw in the philosophy section a copy of Roland Barthes’s A Lover’s Discourse. I turned to the title page and I spotted a hand-written dedication, one of the most famous lines of the Discourse: “I encounter millions of bodies in my life; of these millions, I may desire some hundreds; of these hundreds, I love only one.”