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The Garden

May 31 2019

I walk in this Garden
Holding the hands of dead friends,
Old age came quickly for my frosted generation.
Cold, cold, cold
They died so silently.
Did the forgotten generations scream?
Or go full of resignation
Quietly protesting innocence?
Cold, cold, cold
They died so silently.
I have no words.
My shaking hand cannot express my fury. Sadness is all | have, wo words.
Cold, cold, cold
You died so silently.

Linked hands at 4.00 am
Deep under the city, you slept on,
Never heard the sweet flesh song.
Cold, cold, cold
Matthew fucked Mark, fucked Luke, fucked John
Who lay on the bed that I lie on.
Touch fingers again as we sing this song. Cold, cold, cold
We die so silently.
My gilly flowers, roses, violets blue,
Sweet garden of vanished pleasures.
Please come back next year.
Cold, cold, cold
I die so silently.