The People

  1. Victoria Ashley
    Head of Special Events
  2. Graham Carter
    Marketing Assistant
  3. Austin Dale
    Assistant Editor
  4. Jeffrey Enssle
    Technical Director
  5. Alexandra Fredricks
    Programming Department Manager
  6. Christian Grass
    Chief Executive Officer
  7. Diana Khong
    Marketing Specialist
  8. Michael Lieberman
    Head of Publicity
  9. Aliza Ma
    Head of Programming
  10. Olivia Marder
    Special Events Manager
  11. Madeleine Mendell
    Book Store Coordinator
  12. Alexander Olch
    Founder and President
  13. Jake Perlin
    Artistic and Programming Director
  14. Matthew Reichard
    Head Projectionist
  15. George Schmalz
    Head of Distribution
  16. Horacio Silva
    Head of Special Projects
  17. Dennis Spina
    Executive Chef
  18. Madelyn Sutton
    Head of Communications